Other enthusiast sites

Here you will find the addresses of some other amateur sites, nay, "fadas", sites that I consult regularly for my documentary research.

I also plan to put my documentation online, but hey, all that takes time to scan and format... be patient!

In any case, thank you to these enthusiasts, who do not hesitate to share images of their equipment, their documentation and their time, for the pleasure of all of us!

JOUEF equipment

Here is a fabulous site, with practically all the variations of the equipment produced by our (former) manufacturer National which we miss so much:


Thanks to Philippe for his remarkable work.
I consult his site regularly in search of references (this takes care of my old catalogs!).

POCHER material

The site of Patrick (friend and 'client'), a specialist in Pocher equipment:

You will also find rare catalogs on its well-documented site:


Italian equipment